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We built our Hubbub Local Platform on a modern secure framework that integrates our Marketing, Fundraising and Discount Savings Club programs. This approach gives us a chance to include the wide array of features and functions that make our support services more effective, efficient and productive.
We also incorporated numerous client and consumer management elements that help us deliver greater value and a more complete panel of services. The net result is that our Platform can be customized to fit the specific needs of each "HomeTown" we serve, while also giving tangible returns to our partners.
Many of the underlying elements of our programs should be familiar to our partners because these components borrow heavily from the best aspects of popular proven community Marketing products (i.e. ValPak, Money Mailer, etc...), Charitable Campaigns, and SHOP | SAVE | SUPPORT® Fundraising methods (i.e. plastic wallet cards, coupon books, etc...).
However, unlike expensive classic printed-format methods, our platform takes full advantage of having its programs run entirely on our electronic framework. This results in more powerful and adaptive programs that are able to magnify each partners' contribution while attracting more customers, all for just the cost of the discounts you offer*
*Limitations and Conditions Apply
Give back to Grow: Our SHOP | SAVE | SUPPORT® Program collects multiple discounts, categorizes them, applies regulators that control the number and frequency of uses, and then creates a Discount Savings Club for each area we serve
Feet-on-the-Street: Local Certified Students Organizations sell CLUB Memberships to their supporters as a high value Fundraiser
Never-ending Value: CLUB Members get an exceptional year of value and you get more opportunities to attract a steady stream of new & returning Customers. Our custom tools Serve your specific needs
Community Captains: We train a local resident to be our platform Pro; They make our Marketing system WORK for You by taking charge of all the program details and tasks that boost your bottom line
Measurable Returns: We track which Deals, Student Organizations and customer segments are helping your grow your business
Discovery to Doorstep

We designed our platform so that it would create a community-specific discount Club program for each "Hometown" we serve. Not only did it have to be Convenient (it runs on the user's phone), Informative (it delivers information about business partners and the community) and Rewarding (valuable deals refreshed all year long), it also had to be Inclusive and Welcoming to every segment of the community regardless of their ability, or willingness, make a contribution to the student fundraisers.
When a resident, or someone who works or shops in the community, makes a donation they get the best Discount Club offers. The Classic Deals bring great savings that Club members count on when they visit partner locations on a regularly basis. Value Plus Deals deliver exceptional offers that motivate even the most resistant customers to try for the first time or to revisit a partners' outlet or request a service call. Sponsored Deals are available to Club members (donors) and to Basic members (Non-Donors or Club members from other communities). This last deal type opens up a huge pool of customers that are ignored by other marketing/fundraising programs.
Always Something New: Club Members can browse multiple categories to discover savings offers, or they can enter your StoreID to go directly to your deals. Either way when they view or redeem a discount they have multiple opportunities to connect with you.
InterActive Message: Use photos, informative text, and links to your social media, website, etc... Capture the interest of your Customers
Consult the Guide: Clicking on address takes the Club member to your Google My Business Profile (Many Free & Powerful SEO, Branding and Engagement tools). Built in mapping helps customers find their way to your location(s), and a host of other features helps you dynamically interact with your customers.
Right on Target: Our deals engine supports multiple simultaneous deals for each merchant partner. Be strategic and use each deal type to motivate different consumer segments to visit your location.

Most student organizations rely on community support to help them reach their financial goals. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult for them to develop the relationships necessary to ensure that their fundraising campaigns are successful. Add to this, that a majority of merchants feel that these support programs do little or nothing to help their bottom line. We designed Hubbub Local to solve this problem by giving it the ability to professionally establish and sustain the connections that build trust, value and higher returns.
Our many years working with SHOP | SAVE |SUPPORT® programs and the ensuing discussions with our hometown business partners inspired us to undertake the careful modernization of proven and successful methods and then to move these systems to an electronic framework designed to amplify each element's contribution. Human nature being what it is, it is easy to understand how the use of classic discount products falls off rather quickly, so we adapted our program so that it produced a consistent flow of new and returning customers for our business partners.
Our next step was to enact numerous procedural changes that were possible due to our platform's electronic nature. These include the ability to market to multiple communities using multiple deals that have active controls that limit their use, it also means that our signs make it easy for the Club Members to find your deal (even if they are from other communities) and the signs make it easy for local residents to sign themselves up to be members. There are many other features that we have incorporated to help you grow your business, but the most important one is that we provide a "Platform Pro" to take the lead and to help you boost your profits by Giving Back to your community.

Designed to Deliver: Every element of our program was created to build the long-term connections that make the community Cheer
Modern & Integrated: Traditional programs rapidly lose their impact. So we designed our Platform systems to give a full year of value while also increasing the total number of customers, their diversity, and the frequency of their visits to business Partner locations.
Un-Restrained Opportunities: Our Platform is active in your Hometown and in many Neighboring Communities. Join Hubbub Local and select the areas where you want your business grow. Multiple locations or have a mobile service business... our program can handle that too.
It's what Sets You Apart: Our highly recognizable Signs (cleanser & weather-proof stickers) signal your commitment to helping local student organizations while at the same time supporting the community. The Hubbub Local Platform has many other options that your Captain can demonstrate for you, and once you JOIN you will see that they actually reduce your marketing and community relations workload.
Bonus: Ask how you can get our services for FREE*.
*Limitations and Conditions Apply

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